About the Harms Ranch Program

Harms Plainview Ranch is a unique operation in that the headquarters is situated on Kim’s family’s 120-year-old homestead. Henry and Minnie Buethe purchased the land we now reside on and named it “Plainview Stock Farm” in 1885. Later, the land that was homesteaded by Kim’s great-uncle, known as Cedar Hill, was added to the operation.


While attending K-State, Kim met a Nebraska boy who was also studying Animal Sciences and Industry at KSU. They soon realized they shared a dream that began for both of them when they were children still at home. In 1990 Mark and Kim were married. While both of them worked on graduate degrees at KSU, Kim’s parents, at the young age of 75, decided to sell the homeplace and retire. Mark and Kim decided to purchase the land from her parents and Harms Plainview Ranch began with roots that run deep in the soil and an eye to the future. Our children, Taylor, Cade and Payton Harms are the fifth generation to raise cattle and horses on the land we now call home.


Mark’s passion for genetics and animal breeding soon led to the decision to develop a primarily seedstock operation. In 1993, Harms Plainview Ranch purchased the most complete set of functional Angus females we could find. It comes as no surprise these cows were found not too far away at the home of Dr. Don and Jane Good in Olsburg, KS. As our operation has grown we have added a few females from reputable breeders, but the heart and soul of Harms Plainview Ranch has grown out of that original purchase. At this same time we had the good fortune to choose an outstanding yearling bull from Kevin and Mary Hunt’s production sale. This bull, Hunts Calculator 2720, not only became a herdbuilder here, but in several programs across the country as he enjoyed much success and popularity as an Alta Genetics and Genex herd sire. Calculator passed away in 2003, but his legacy lives on in his many daughters here at HPR and in other progeny across the U.S. and abroad.


We have always viewed breeding seedstock as a lifetime achievement…pursuing excellence one generation at a time. The goal of our efforts has always been to increase the profitability of our valued customers. That focus has not and will never change. The reported successes of our customers drive the breeding decisions we make for future offerings, this quite simply is why a growing number of profit-minded producers have come to rely on us as their “Partner in Progress.”


From the beginning, we have paid close attention to our females. We started with that foundation herd of functional Angus cows, placing emphasis on structure, udders, muscle and fleshing ability. Sound breeding decisions based on EPDs are strictly adhered to for all measured traits. Continuous genetic improvement of each generation is achieved by means of balanced multiple-trait selection, utilizing proven AI sires and a progressive ET program.



Ten years ago, we saw a need for many of our customers to add the red-hided gene of the Red Angus while maintaining the standards of our black Angus herd. Thanks to customer input, we have also added a select group of Charolais cows which match the qualities of our Angus herds while giving our customers the option to add heterosis to their predominantly British-bred programs.


We truly have been blessed with some of the best customers in the business. Your confidence in our program and us is not taken for granted. It’s a pleasure in such a competitive sector of the beef industry to provide service year after year to a growing number of repeat customers; after all, this is our best measure of success. We thank each of you for your countless referrals and allowing us the opportunity to share our program with you. First-time visitors often comment they’ve intended to stop by for the last couple of years. After walking through the pens to evaluate our offering they usually say they wish they’d come here sooner. If this applies to you, consider this our personal invitation to come by and visit. If you don’t make a purchase, we’ll still be glad you came. If you do make an investment, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve finally found the genetics you’ve been searching for. We welcome the opportunity to earn your business and truly be “Your Partner in Progress.”


Mark and Kim Harms,

Taylor, Cade and Payton





Proud to be a founding member of USPB.

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